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Live in Care Costs

Live in Carer

Caring for people in their own home has proved to be the best solution for most individual care needs.   Each individual will have different care needs and requirements.  A personal tailored package to suit you will be created after our assessment.  A full and transparent care cost proposal will be prepared for your consideration following the assessment. Please fill our Live in care assessment form to know more about live-in care cost.

Affordable live in care at home

We always want our families and loved ones to have the best in their lives while in the comfort of their own homes.

Dove Home Care’s costs are so affordable that they should never be a burden on families. Our “easy pay” options provide you with complete flexibility and peace of mind. We have packages to suit every family and from any economic background. Dove Home Care respects the fact that the precious care and affection for your loved ones comes first before anything else.

Costs for Live in care services

Dove Home Care provides flexible packages to suit the requirements as discussed at our initial visit. The flexibility within packages means that these can be amended at a short notice. Care, happiness, affordability, independence and satisfaction are at the core of our Dove Live-in care customer service.

Dove Home Care covers the full range of home care services, so our costs are based on your precise needs and requirements, whether it’s providing companionship, personal care, help to administer medication or support with more complex healthcare requirements.

Our prices for live-in care support start from as low as:

  • £844 per week for a single person
  • £1155 per week for a couple

Please call us today to get a quote for your specific care needs. 

Dove Home Care customer service advisors will meet you in person in the comfort of your own home and provide you a tailored quotation. With us you can be guaranteed no hidden extras or additional costs later on. On request, we will arrange to visit you to discuss your requirements and prepare a final cost.

We also provide further advice on the funding options that may be open to you, either from your local authority or through continuing healthcare funding.

If your usual carer needs a break or has let you down, we can also provide a carer on a temporary basis, as and when required.

disable care at home

100% Availability

Dove Home Care takes pride in ensuring that there is a one hundred percent service availability guarantee. If a regular carer had to take a break then there would be another carer in their place to provide continued support. All the carers would be introduced to the family members and are helped to get acquainted. We also replaces carers in case of carers taking sick leave and ensure essential care, love and affection never ceases.

If your usual carer needs a break or has let you down, we can provide a carer on a temporary basis for you. Respite care can be arranged for a minimum of three days. The prices are:

  • For 7-14 days: from £136.44 per day
  • For 3-6 days: from £155.88 per day

If you need a temporary carer for more than 14 days, see the prices outlined above for live-in care.

Live-in Care costs as compared to Residential care homes

medical care at homeWhen an actual comparison is made, generally, live-in care costs work out to be a cheaper and a better alternative to residential care. Live-in care’s main benefit is to receive one to one care and comfort in your own home. In our 25 years experience, we have found that live in care offers a real benefit and provides care, love and support in the comfort of your own home making it easier to overcome any health challenge you or your loved one may face.

In a residential care home, a fixed fee is to be paid and you will be asked to move to a place which may not be to your liking and can be one of the most stressful life events for both the person and their family. With Live-in care there is always due care and attention available to your loved ones with a familiar carer living in, which promotes well being and independence.

Personal care availability three times a day£378 per day (average). Provided by local companies seven days a week
Carer for attending local groups£353 per day (average). Includes transport for attending day centres and fulfilling hobbies and interests
Food Preparation£80 per week (average). Access to one meal a day through meals on wheels
Transport to appointmentsup to £150 per journey (cost to the local government)
Physiotherapy at home£230 per day for a house call (cost to local authority)
Cleaning and household chores£10 per hour, averaging £30 per week
Estimated Cost of domiciliary or residential careup to £1,221 per week
Cost of live-in carefrom £950 per week

Other flexibility offered by Live-in care is the ease of changing requirements with a short notice period. Our customer advisors are in regular contact with our customers seeking feedback and making changes if anything is required.

Dove Home Care Live-in carers personal profiles are thoroughly reviewed and all qualifications cross-checked. We employ our staff and are responsible for paying their tax and national insurance contributions as well as holiday pay. We hold Investors in People Award which is inspected every 3 years and enable us to maintain a high quality of training and retention of our staff. Depending on a customer’s requirement, Dove Live-in Care provides expert and experienced carers.