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Live in Care

Nationwide Live in Care Services

One of the many nice things about live in carer is the comfort and familiarity of your own home, with a full-time live in carer is that they are professionally trained and experienced, doing all the things that need to be done and being a full-time companion.

As an Agency with a Difference, before we provide live in care, we meet each client and family for a full live in care consultation, throughout Solihull, Birmingham, West Midlands, Derbyshire and Oxfordshire see: areas we cover.

Live in Care – Quality at home, across England U.K.

Live in carer at home
Live in Carer at Home

Live-In care ensures that you live the life you want, on your own terms. By communicating with you and taking into consideration your situation, we will put together a unique package that will give you or your loved one the support you need from one of our specialised carers. Together we will help you stay in a home you know and love.

What is live in care?

Live-in care offers the stability and normality of living in the comfort of your own home whilst also ensuring that you have the care and support that you would receive in a residential care home.

Given the choice, many of us would prefer to stay in the familiar surroundings of our own homes. However, when faced with the decision of deciding which type of care would be the most beneficial to meet the needs of your loved ones, we tend to automatically think that care homes are the best, or our only option. Rest assured, our carers are trained to equally high standards as the carers in a care home and what better surroundings to be cared for than in your own home. You will receive “one to one” care and the flexibility to choose when you eat, what food enjoy and also continue your normal routine, keeping you as independent as possible with the level of support you need.

Why is live in care different?

Private Live in Carer
Private Live in Carer

Moving into a new home can be a stressful process for the ablest of people. Also moving into residential care comes along with set routines such as eating and visiting times, and other restrictions which could cause a huge strain and disruption to a person’s life and well- being.

Live-in care means that you are able to keep the same daily routines that you are used to and also your friends and family are able to visit you as before. With a spare room in your home, your carer is able to “live in” and offer companionship and care and give real peace of mind and added quality of life.

Not all home care providers offer a regulated service, but we ensure that we manage your care and have been doing so successfully for over 25 years.

Why might live in care suit you?

Live in care may suit you for many different reasons, and meet your needs such as:

  • Companionship
  • Personal care , such as washing ,dressing ,cooking
  • Taking medication on time
  • Cooking
  • House work
  • Trips out , such as to the doctors or hairdressers
  • Caring for a pet

This option might also be good for a person who has recently come out of the hospital and is finding it hard to adjust to looking after themselves as before. Also, this option may be attractive to somebody suffering from dementia as they will need help with everyday tasks, but will still benefit from being in their familiar surroundings and this can prolong their quality of life.

Care that’s built around you

We understand that it’s important to keep your independence. This is why our carers are here to step in and give you the extra support that you need whilst at the same time, promoting your independence. The main difference between live in care and residential care is that you have complete choice over the options that you chose to do on a daily basis. Your home care is flexible to compliment your needs and increase or decrease if, or when, your needs alter. We tailor your care plan and make sure it suits your changing needs, whether that be more support or less.

What do live in carers do?
Private Live in Carer
Fulltime Live in Carer

A live-in carer’s job is to take care of the tasks that you are now unable to do, which might be things like cooking meals, running errands and completing household chores. They make it possible to keep an individual’s independence, by being there with a helping hand and helping with isolation and loneliness that can come with ageing.

We will assess the tasks and the amount of support that your carer will undertake at your initial free home care assessment. When we will be able to discover the things that are important to you on a personal level, your likes and dislikes, and ensure the most vital aspect of care is met, that we find a good match with you and your carers.

Personalised support

  • Medication support – both administering or prompting, depending on your requirements
  • Personal care – assistance with washing and dressing while maintaining your dignity
  • Companionship – carers will become more like a friend or a companion who will give you love, laughter and company whilst always maintaining professional boundaries.

Enabling your Independence

  • Support getting around – support going to the shops, the cinema or days out
  • Assisted holidays – anything from a weekend away somewhere in England to a holiday in Australia

Help around the home

  • Laundry – things such as washing, drying, ironing
  • Housekeeping – the usual jobs including tidying, washing up, vacuuming etc.
  • Preparing/cooking meals – the meals you like or suited to your dietary requirements
  • Running errands – such as going shopping for food or collecting prescriptions

Who can benefit from a live-in carer?

Live-In care is available for adults of all ages from 18 and upwards, a residential care home is not the only choice. With live-in care you can continue to live in the home you know and love.

Peace of mind for the elderly

For an elderly loved one a live-in carer can be a huge support especially for someone who is frail or no longer able to remember to do important things to keep them safe, one to one care is a proven benefit for health and well being.

Somebody with dementia

If your loved one is living with dementia, the daily support by a familiar face would be extremely beneficial as it would keep stability in their lives which is crucial to ease anxiety. Your regular carer will work for weeks before taking time off with a regular relief carer who you will get to know too.

Temporary support after an operation

You may need some temporary live-in care after undergoing surgery just to help your recovery and enable you to get back on your feet at a pace that will allow you to recover in the best way possible.

We visit you in your own home to assess and agree your needs not just by phone.

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